Freezing Puppy

Last night while in a friends car, going home, I noticed a small white poodle tied with a leash to a porch. This very much concerned me for the following reasons: It was almost 11pm, every light in the house was off but there were cars in the driveway, and it was UNDER 20 DEGREES!!

I got all the way home and I just could not stop thinking about this dog outside alone in the freezing weather all by itself in the dark. I told my boyfriend about it when I got home and I was very upset. I decided I had to do something about it. I called animal control but obviously they were closed at 11pm but they did leave a number to the local police if you are concerned for an animal. I called and the officer turned me away by stating I have to call another county, he hung up without giving me the number. (Where I saw the dog is exactly in the middle of two different county’s). I called animal control in the other county. Closed but they did not even give another number to call. I tried looking for the local police number for the other county but it took a while to find…which was…interesting…

After all of this and feeling upset and frustrated I had my boyfriend take over. He called three different number before someone was helpful. I did not know the exact address but I knew the cross streets. We gave them all the information we had and hoped for the best.

People! If it is too cold out for you, it is too cold out for your pet! Leaving a dog tied to a porch in freezing cold weather is animal abuse! Cut your crap or I will call the cops on you!

I do not have a picture of the dog but it looked exactly like this dog (pic found from google)



2 thoughts on “Freezing Puppy

  1. Good for you! I’ve had the same frustration of finding a dog running loose or is in danger and not begin able to find the right numbers in time to be effective. Now I have my local animal control and the non-emergency policy number programed into my phone. Not sure if it would have helped since you were away from your home at the time but it may if you see trouble in the future.


    • Yes definitely! I learned the hard way to keep the local police number in my phone. Its amazing though how hard it is to find a number to help an animal. I called the local police one time about a dog running loose in my yard because animal control was closed and they never came!

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