The Abuse of the Chickens We Eat

The New York Times just published a great article on the abuse of chickens in industrial agriculture

Read it here: Abuse of Chickens We Eat

I feel very passionate about the rights of animals. I think the food industry is one of the most evil industries out there. I saw a great “e talk” recently on food marketing. The presenter really put things in perspective for me. She states that,

“This is systemized cruelty on a massive scale, and we only get away with it because everyone is prepared to look the other way.”

Watch the video. It is very powerful.

Over the past few years I have been steadily cutting meat and fish out of my diet. I had to do this slowly because I do not cook and didn’t know too much about nutrition. I had to make sure I would be healthy. First I cut out every meat but chicken because I am just not a huge meat eater. This was easy for me to do. The following year I slowly cut out fish. I am obsessed with Sushi so this was very difficult for me. Last but not least, I am currently working on cutting out chicken. I have been experimenting with other options such as meals filled with beans, tofu, seitan, and tempeh. Pinterest is an aspiring vegetarian’s best friend!

Cutting meat and fish out of your diet is great but its just not enough. We need to take more action! Sign petitions! Demand justice for animals! Demand fair treatment of the animals we eat!

Check out this website for tips on how to help chickens specifically.

The Truth About the Chickens We Eat

And lastly, I always knew about the horrible treatment of animals but I didn’t really know. I began my path to being a vegetarian after I saw the documentary Earthlings. This documentary changed my life. it was incredibly powerful and educational. It is difficult to watch but so worth it in the end.

You can watch it for free here at this link: Please please please check it out and help the helpless any way, shape, or form that you can.

Earthlings Documentary


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