Kitty Abused- Sign Petition to get Justice

Brianna Barker came home from work only to see her cat in a very poor state of health. Judging by his injuries (including a broken leg), it appears that the cat, TC, was kicked, thrown into the door several times. The cat was later taken put into a tub of water and left there motionless.

The incident happened in St George, Utah and the person responsible for this has been identified as Kevin Anthony Lucero. It is unclear what determined the man to act this way. Probably just to have a good laugh and tell his friends about it.

Meanwhile, TC the cat is slowly recovering. He has a pin placed in his foot; he has been drinking water, but has not eaten in over a week;

10371451_10203545933315033_6385836235159060367_n 10592639_10203545932875022_4367504599525263659_n 10847810_10203545933435036_312099278175348184_n

Lucero allegedly admitted to what he had done, but now is claiming he is prepared to run to Las Vegas and seek a hide-out there.

We, the undersigned, urge local law enforcement to promptly act and charge this man! He cannot get away with it. We strongly feel that he should be taught a lesson and this offence be on his record permanently, so that everyone knows what type of person he is! No one should harm animals and walk free!

For more updates on TC, check her owner’s Facebook page:

Sign the Petition

Animals need more rights. We need to protect them from monsters like Kevin Anthony Lucero. This is not an isolated incident. Animals are harmed and killed by the hands of humans very often. Often enough to gran the FBI’s attention

FBI makes animal cruelty top tier felony


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