Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

There is a battle on Facebook right now, and every year….

saying “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays”


I have been seeing posts like these for over a month already:


10256472_1015193855164737_8018987909613742238_n                     10845941_666879413457323_8103098944773060219_n

Ohhh M Geeeee! These posts are not only highly obnoxious but they are so ignorant and offensive! It hurts my brain.

I celebrate Christmas and my family is Christian but I usually say “Happy Holidays”, not because it is politically correct but because not all of my friends celebrate Christmas and I just want to wish them a holiday greeting, damn it! I do not think it is wrong to say “Merry Christmas” and I do not think it is wrong to say “Happy Holidays”. What I do think is wrong is acting like your holiday is the only holiday that matters, the only holiday that exists and the only one that should be acknowledged. These posts/beliefs go much deeper than Christmas though. Like in the second picture above, it says “….then LEAVE…”. This is much more about the idea that only certain people deserve to be in America (white people) but I will stick to the Christmas thing for now. Some Christians are saying that people choosing to recognize other holidays and religions is a “War on Christmas.” I celebrate Christmas. I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. I just don’t see the war on it…I am fine with recognizing other holidays and being more inclusive.


Lets make this like super simple instead of going all deep and theoretical. I think that only acknowledging your own holiday is kinda jerky and while I do not know a wholeeee lot about Christianity, I just don’t think being jerky is the Christian way. Its pretty egocentric. Why is your holiday so damn important? It may be hard to believe but I am sure that celebrating Hannakah is just as important to that family as celebrating Christmas is to the family celebrating it.

Lets make this even moreeee simple though. Winter is just a holiday season. It is also New Years! When I am saying “Happy Holidays” I also want to include New Year’s. I don’t want to waste my breath saying, “Merry Christmas and happy New Year!” That’s a lot of breath right there.

It is just my personal belief that saying, “Happy Holidays” is inclusive so I choose to say it. It is fine for people to not agree with this but it bothers me that this movement to only say, “Merry Christmas” is an agenda filled with hate and intolerance for other holidays and religions.

Let me leave you with these memes because there is no better way to explain ones feelings than through a meme.


Just have a happy holiday…no matter which holiday you celebrate.


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