Find Brittany, Kovu, and Tigger a home!

Brittany is a beautiful, sweet, short haired, black cat. She is five years old. Brittany is very friendly and loving. I like to call her “Princess”.


Kovu is a shy but sweet, two year old black cat. He loves getting pet.

He will rub his face all over you if you let him!


Tigger is an adorable, short hair orange cat. He is relaxed and chill.

He loves to lie in his bed. Tigger is 8 years old.


Brittany, Kovu, and Tigger are the best of friends. The trio cuddle together often. They have a strong bond and something very sad in common, Kovu, Brittany and Tigger have been in the shelter their entire lives.

None of these three cats have ever known the joy or comfort of their own home. Tigger, Brittany, and Kovu all came to the shelter as kittens and have never been adopted. The cats have never had their very own human friend. While Brittany, Kovu, and Tigger are the nicest, sweetest cats you can imagine, they often get overlooked because they are shy. Not only are Brittany and Kovu shy but they are also, older, and black. Because Brittany and Kovu are shy, they often get overlooked when potential adopters visit the cats at the shelter. Brittany and Kovu hang out in the background when all the other, outgoing, loud cats run up to people when they walk into the cat room. Tigger is old and shy. Many people pass him up for the young and playful kittens. Though beautiful, Tigger doesn’t stick out too much in comparison.




Brittany, Kovu, and Tigger are located at Animal Care Council.

Address: 131 Washington Ave, Endicott, NY 13760

Phone:(607) 786-5740

Please help find Brittany, Kovu, and Tigger a home by passing this on.

And please remember #adoptdontshop and when you go into the shelter, remember our shy and older feline and canine friends. They deserve a home and love just as much as a younger, playful kitty or pup.


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